Guest Reviews

David Lee - Los Angeles, CA

"Quick shout out here to Paul, Kennedy, Ed and Jim, for a brilliant few days at The California Ski Ranch. First class all the way. Did not expect to find such a beautiful skiing lake right outside Sacramento. Hands down, the best ski coaching we've ever experienced on a slalom course. Paul, your energy and enthusiasm is palpable! Thank you. Can't wait to get back up there."

Todd Lamb - BC, Canada

The most recent visit was my 6th or 7th but without question the longest and the best to date (11 days straight!). For anyone who enjoys the the sport and wants to improve their skills there really is no better place to be as the facility is unmatched, the coaching is world class and the CSR team makes you feel like family. The area offers some of my favorite restaurants (Mikuni Sushi!!) and if you don't like skiing and prefer to shop, The Fountains will keep your interest peaked. The skiing is for all ages and levels, and is incredibly enjoyable. I encourage anyone who is even thinking about attending a location to ski to head to CSR for a premier experience! See you guys again soon and for many years to come!

The VanderKoy Family - Wisconsin, USA

"Our family had an amazing time at California Ski Ranch! Everyone we met there was very nice and encouraging! Paul had many helpful tips for all of us and we look forward to our next trip to CSR!"

Jeff & Katie Wood - Salt Lake City, Utah

"We could not have had a better time! Everything was exceptional... the lake, the coaching, the food, the communication, the positive energy, the members, everything was beyond what I was expecting. We will definitely be back. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

Fred Barham - Alberta, Canada

"We just completed the 8 set vacation at California Ski Ranch. We had a great time. The coaching, equipment, conditions, and hotel were all beyond our expectations. Paul and Kennedy do a great job of accommodating skiers of all levels. We will definitely will be coming back."

Ryan & Caroline Simmons - Salt Lake City, Utah

"This is one of our favorite couples trips of all time! The water, the boat, the skis, and the coaching are awesome. Paul, Kennedy, and Ryan made it all so easy. Our group ranged from beginners to experts and every person had the best experience.  Kennedy arranged for our hotel and brought in lunch to the lake to maximize our time. Flying in was no problem. The dock house is comfortable and shady and a great place to sit and laugh. This is the "one-click trip" we'll now look forward to every year. Thank you Paul and team for being so great!!"

The Davis Family - Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

"California Ski Ranch is a fulsome experience for family and friend vacations, short or long. You get to experience a prestige venue, excellent company, beautiful dockside, waterfront and most of all encouraging coaching for all waterski levels. Paul is like family and we can’t wait to get there again soon."

Steve Straus - Portland, Oregon

“CSR did not disappoint! Kennedy was huge getting all the logistics figured out, Gloria put my back into alignment, Ed drove straight and true, and Paul's coaching was spot on! Beautiful lake, great people, amazing experience. I'll definitely be back.”

Javier Garcia & Ashley Kronemeyer - San Luis Potosí, Mexico

"We were the first guests last season and travel a lot. We can't wait to get back this year."

Dave & Leslie Blakely - Redmond, WA

“Our family visited California Ski Ranch last year and had absolutely our best ski camp experience ever…..and we have visited several operations over the years. Paul’s coaching and Ryan’s driving were instrumental in helping several members of our family ski their PB. CSR is a World Class Experience from start to finish.”

Darcy Notland - Edmonton, AB, Canada

"Thanks for the hospitality CSR! GREAT site and even greater people!! Highly recommend!"